Theodor Körner

On the history of the Theodor Körner Fund

The Theodor Körner prize has been handed out to outstanding young researchers and artists for 66 years. Its history reveals much about the Austrian scientific landscape since the 1950s – and more.
Responsible for the project: Paul Kathrein and Florian Wenninger

Since 1954 the Theodor Körner Fund has been awarding yearly prizes to support science and culture. In different disciplines – changing slightly over the years – young researchers and artists can submit projects. To date, more than 3,500 prizes and more than 4 million Euros in funds have been given out.

This project dedicates itself to the history of the Theodor Körner prize and its recipients. For many of them this award was an early step in a long and successful career. Often this also included social commitment: next to many later internationally renowned researchers and artists, two later presidents were also honored by the fund in their early years.